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Women’s Health – What to Expect at Your OB-GYN Appointment

It’s not easy being a woman. The complex wiring of our system or body to make it ready for child birth brings with it a possibility of plethora obgyn chattanooga tn of health concerns that can be hard to detect. That’s precisely why you must go for annual health check to locate or realize and remedy problems before they turn grave.

Here’s a low down on the usual tests during an OB/GYN appointment:

* Examining The Pelvis

Here, your OB/GYN professional will examine your pelvic organs to look for any possible aberration. She will ask you a set of queries concerning your period, its regularity and whether you suffer from PMS, stomach cramps, menstrual irregularities or vaginal discharge. The gyneac will also assess your ovaries by pressing the concerned area externally and recommend further tests, if needed.

Following this she will also ask about your health or medical history, including pregnancies, or miscarriages or abortions and any other health condition you may have. This going over is usually recommended when you are done with your monthlies. The discharge can make it difficult to pin point health problems.

* The PAP Smear Test

This assessment is of utmost importance as it helps to track and pin point any possibility of cervix related cancer. It’s a widely advised test and all gynecologists recommend that as soon as a woman enters the age of 21 or becomes sexually active she should go regularly for a pelvic and PAP test. Although it is a necessary test, it can a tad uncomfortable to bear through as it involves the insertion of speculum inside the Vagina.

* Undergoing A Self Breast Examination

This is usually a normal physical checking of the breasts and the surrounding area to ascertain if there is any unwanted growth or swelling, or any feeling of pain or numbness. Your gynaec will also check for any discoloration or spots that may indicate something serious and may recommend further tests like a mammogram to ascertain the problem.

Just like PAP test, all doctors advise women above 20 years of age to carry out a self breast examination regularly and a proper clinical diagnosis once every three year and in case of women above menopausal age, once every year. The frequency may be increased by your physician if the women in your family have had a history of breast cancer.

* Contraceptive Methods Questionnaire

Now, if you have had sex or are following family planning, the physician will ask you some relevant queries about the choice of your usage of contraceptives – whether you opt for condoms or pills, injectable or any other method.

If you are unsatisfied with your choice or if it is causing any problem, the physician will advocate a better method that is suitable for you and your spouse after a brief consultation on your sexual habits.

* Check For STDs or Is

The annual check-up also helps to negate any possibility of sex related disorder or virus like HIV, herpes etc. If the test shows a positive result, then you can nip the condition in the bud with a cure specifically administered for it to stop it from spreading or becoming serious.

Vaginal And Urinary Tract Infections:

Your annual OB/GYN examination can also be used to screen for candida infectivity (thrush) that causes white discharge, and UTIs that can lead to incontinence.